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Children are the specialty at Kid's Recreational Therapy, this way the best services and evidence based practice can be delivered. Kids Recreational Therapy bases their practice out of a Physical Therapy and Kinesiologist clinic in the fair view area. 

Kids Recreational Therapy also deliver home based therapy and community based at recreational centers, parks, and community centers


To deliver and provide the best private recreational therapy services with in the low mainland. To advocate and represent recreational therapy as a leading provider among other therapy disciplines among the autism population.   


Treat Children for Their Abilities and Not Their Disabilities

  • Where Does The Therapy Take Place
    Recreational Therapy will be delivered at the clinic, home sessions, recreation centres or in the community.
  • Fees
    Recreational Therapy will be $140.00 per session. Sessions are 60 minutes long, with 50 minutes of therapy time and 10 minutes for clean up and parent talk.
  • How Does Recreational Therapy Differ From Other Therapies
    Recreational Therapy (RT) embraces a definition of "health" which includes not only the absence of "illness," but extends to enhancement of physical, cognitive, emotional, social and leisure development so individuals may participate fully and independently in chosen life pursuits. The unique feature of RT that makes it different from other therapies is the use of recreational modalities in the designed intervention strategies. RT is extremely individualized to each person by his or her past, present and future interests and lifestyle. The recreational therapist has a unique perspective regarding the social, cognitive, physical, and leisure needs of the patient. Incorporating client's interests, and the client's family and/or community makes the therapy process meaningful and relevant. Recreational therapists weave the concept of healthy living into treatment to ensure not only improved functioning, but also to enhance independence and successful involvement in all aspects of life
  • Can I use Autism Funding or Extended Medical Benefits
    Autism funding is accepted and medical benefits can be used depending on your plan.
  • What Are The Benefits Of Recreational Therapy
    1. Providing active, outcome focused care which achieves results 2. Enabling the generalization of skill developed in treatment to their home and community environments 3. Reducing the effects of primary and secondary disabilities 4. Providing treatment through cost effective means such as in small and large group settings 5. Serving as a cost-effective means to enhance or replace other more costly services 6. Addressing the whole person with the focus on enhancing independent functioning within physical, social, cognitive and emotional domains 7. Training individuals to identify and utilize community resources that enable independent functioning 8. Focusing on skills that carry over to everyday life and can make a difference in a person’s quality of life 9. Providing a diversity of interventions which are cost effective, add value and have significant durability across an individual’s lifespan
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