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Finding the Right Plan for You

At Kids Recreational Therapy, we prioritize fostering strong partnerships between therapists, parents, and educators to ensure comprehensive support for your child's development. Recognizing that your child spends significant time outside of therapy sessions, we emphasize the importance of keeping all parties informed and involved. Our services encompass both individual sessions with the child and collaborative planning sessions involving parents and educators. These comprehensive packages offer a holistic approach to addressing your child's needs, ensuring that strategies and goals are aligned across all facets of their life.

By working together, we can provide the tailored support necessary for your child to thrive in various environments. We believe that informed collaboration leads to the best outcomes for your child's well-being and development

Child at Psychologist



       Choose One

  • Social & Emotional

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Gross Motor Skills

Understanding your child's functionality across different domains, whether it's social and emotional learning or gross and fine motor skills, is crucial for effective therapy planning. A functional assessment allows therapists to pinpoint areas of strength and areas needing improvement in your child's development. By gaining insight into your child's functional abilities, therapists can tailor interventions to address specific needs, fostering growth and progress.

      Choose One​

  • Clinic Visit

  • Home Visit

  • Community Visit

In our play-based therapy sessions, we prioritize either social and emotional learning or fine and gross motor skills development, tailored to the unique needs of your child. Sessions can take place in various settings, including our clinic, community spaces such as parks, pools, or ice rinks, or even in the comfort of your own home. By adapting the location to best suit your child's needs, we ensure a supportive environment where they can thrive and progress effectively.

Child Playing

Therapy Session

$140.00 Per Hour

Quality Time

Parent and Child Monthly


      Access to All

  • 2x Child Sessions

  • 1x Parental Coaching

  • 1X Monthly Report

  • Home Work 

Our most popular and highly recommended package includes two therapy sessions per month with your child, supplemented by one coaching session for either parents or school teachers. This coaching is designed to empower both parents and teachers in facilitating the therapy plan at home and in the school environment, ensuring consistency and continuity of support for your child.

Additionally, this package incorporates monthly report writing to track progress and provide transparent communication  and home work packages for the month.

  • Skills Box

    Every month
    With our subscription service, you will receive a curated skills box of therapy tools delivered conveniently to your doorstep each month. Our offerings feature a diverse array of tools.
    • Monthly Delivery Of Motor Skills Tool Box
    • Monthly Delivery Of Social And Emotional Tool Box
    • Booklet On How To Use The Tool Box
    • Instructional Videos On How To Use The Tools
  • Resource Package

    Every month
    Gain access to a curated collection of play-based video activities designed to facilitate skill development for your child and chat access to a certified recreational therapist.
    • Play Based Activities Video Library
    • Chat Access To A Certified Recreational Therapist
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